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Work Trends

June 21, 2023 Read time: 4 minutes

Contingent workers are playing an increasingly influential role in today’s business world. Their skills are extensive, and they provide organizations flexibility in multiple ways, offering expertise, stability, and even help launching initiatives. In 2023 and beyond, employers must understand who these workers are and how they can help their businesses both survive and thrive.  …

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Two business women frustrated
June 7, 2023 Read time: 1 minutes

Businesses everywhere are still grappling with tremendous change, as pandemic aftershocks continue to roll through the global economy. Although most Covid-era restrictions are behind us, organizations large and small are still dealing with significant people-related issues. Workforce capacity planning is just one piece of this complex, multi-faceted puzzle. But if you’re an employer, rightsizing your workforce…

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Man looking to the side with a laptop in the mountains
May 4, 2023 Read time: 1 minutes

Now that digital nomads are predicted to make up a third of the world’s workforce by 2035, it’s time for staffing and HR professionals to understand this trend. Almost 17 million workers in the US would use this label to describe themselves, according to reporting from Forbes. What exactly does the lifestyle offer them, and where is the digital…

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Woman smiling and working on calculations
April 10, 2023 Read time: 3 minutes

We’ve all experienced awkward situations where the watercooler conversation reveals the potential implications of a company decision we (somehow) never heard about. Few things trigger as much self-doubt as learning that you’re unfamiliar with something your peers treat as common knowledge — especially when lacking that knowledge might stall your career. This is where being…

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Man laying in bed doing taxes on his laptop
April 3, 2023 Read time: 4 minutes

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown orders, millions of jobs have become at least partially remote. From 2021 to 2022, in fact, the number of employees who chose to work remotely rose by 24%. What’s more, more than 60% of companies implemented some form of flexible work. Because work-from-home jobs…

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