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Back Office Support Services

Recruiters, time to rev up your revenue.

As a recruiter, staying competitive means accommodating your clients in every way you can. IES, a leader in back office payrolling services and employer of record services, gives you a distinct advantage with full-service back office support that allows you to focus on what you do best: recruiting the best candidates for your clients. The rest? Leave it up to IES. We handle the time-consuming, often frustrating elements of back-office administration, such as processing, paying and administering benefits for the employees you sourced, as well as client billing and collections.

  • Credit analysis and collections on your behalf
  • Employer of Record services
  • Nationwide and International placement capability
  • Onboarding with your employee
  • Weekly contractor payroll funding
  • Electronic timecard processing
  • Weekly payroll and invoice report
  • Client invoicing: Generated after the payroll is processed. The invoices will have the recruiter/staffing firm’s name or company on them and can be emailed or mailed.
  • Weekly profit checks are processed when IES receives payment from a client.

Whether you’re looking for back office payrolling services or employer of record support services, the professionals at IES can help. Contact us today to learn more.