Manage the costs and risks of using a contingent workforce.

The stress-free, budget-friendly way to engage and pay your U.S. and international workers.

Engage workers compliantly, every time.

Avoid the penalties, back taxes, brand damage, and management distraction that come with contingent workforce non-compliance.

  • Compliant engagement solutions for any worker type
  • Engage talent in all 50 states and 150+ countries, without setting up new entities
  • Automatic, location-specific tax and benefit withholdings
  • Legal classification for all workers, verified by our legal experts
  • Indemnification for reclassification penalties
  • Accurate, transparent financial reporting

Outsourced workforce solutions that save you time and money

IES gives you back the time and resources you’re wasting with manual, time-consuming hiring, payment, and management tasks. 

  • Save 30%+ by outsourcing to an EOR instead of staffing firms
  • Automate and consolidate invoicing
  • Manage teams anytime, anywhere through the ies.WorkSite platform
  • Gain instant, actionable insights into workers’ rates, payments, and more
  • Capture diversity spend with IES as a WBENC-certified woman-owned supplier
  • Improve cash flow by using IES to float your payroll costs

Compliant, cost-effective engagement solutions for every worker

Calculate your risk and costs in seconds

Take contract workforce risk off your hands.

Take the first step to a simpler, safer, and more cost-effective way to leverage non-employee talent.

IES celebrates 50 years of innovative workforce solutions!