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Customized Contingent Workforce Solutions

Onboard the contract workers you need - anytime, anywhere

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Workforce Solutions

You find the talent. We do the rest.

Employer of Record


When you partner with IES as your Employer of Record, you get all the benefits of today’s flexible contingent workforce without the risk. IES simplifies and streamlines your payrolling and HR processes – saving your company time, money and stress.

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HR Administration

IC Compliance

No more second-guessing. From small independent offices to Fortune 500 companies, IES keeps companies nationwide fully compliant. See how Innovative IC, our comprehensive vetting and administration service, safeguards your company from costly classification errors.

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Back office support

Human Cloud

IES offers a gamechanger for larger companies seeking top talent. Fulcrum, our spin-off innovative talent acquisition solution, connects today’s enterprise companies with top-tier online staffing platforms.

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Recruiter Back Office Support

Recruiter Back Office Support

Stay competitive in the skyrocketing Gig Economy. From independent recruiters to multi-office organizations, our turnkey Back Office solutions let you easily expand your business into contract placements just about anywhere in the world – without the added costs, risks and extra work.

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The Talent Pool

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Customized, Outsourced HR Solution

All the control. None of the liability.

Nationwide HR/Payrolling Services

“Saving money” cost them valuable time.

Contingent Hiring Solutions

Flexibility for a fluctuating workforce

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