Direct sourcing

Streamline recruitment by sourcing contingent talent directly.

Introducing Direct Sourcing, the ideal way to recruit quickly and efficiently from pools of proven contract talent.

Source without a middleman

Reengage proven talent – without outside recruiting help

Stay connected with trusted contingent talent even after a project ends. With IES’s Direct Sourcing Simplified, you maintain private pools of known, accomplished workers so you can bring them back quickly when you need them. 

How it works

Direct sourcing simplified

The true end-to-end talent sourcing and lifecycle management solution.

  • Strategic roadmap and workforce planning
  • Private talent ecosystem that integrates into your total talent strategy
  • AI-powered talent curation
  • Simplified, streamlined sourcing process
  • Great experience for you and your talent
  • Ongoing support through compliance, EOR, and AOR services

Direct sourcing with IES

Enhance the candidate experience and talent planning with our direct sourcing services. Harness IES’s unmatched experience to simplify the direct sourcing experience, driving best-in-class talent curation strategies, technology, and compliance.​

See how sourcing directly can transform your recruiting.

Find out what a streamlined, simplified direct sourcing program can do for your business.

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