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"We are thrilled with IES's efficiency and quick response time.  Thanks to IES, our clients are beside themselves with how fast we are able to hire and onboard new employees to begin working right away, sometimes in less than 24 hours."

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“I’m barely keeping my head above water.”

That’s what new clients tell us, time and time again. Let IES be your lifeline to restoring sanity in your work day. We’re a human resource outsourcing and payroll solutions company, working with top businesses across the US. Since 1974, we’ve been offering a wide range of payrolling and HR benefits administration services for thousands of companies nationwide as their preferred Employer of Record firm. Back office services that immediately reduce administrative costs, lower risk and allow you to re-focus on what you do best.

  • Payrolling services that can be customized to your company needs.
  • Expert HR administration from a professional team with decades of experience
  • Customized services for companies of all sizesfrom one-person offices to large organizations
  • A full-range of services and revenue-generators designed specifically for recruiters.
  • Web-based forms and documents that make once-complex tasks a breeze.
  • Comprehensive benefits at competitive, affordable rates
  • A dedicated team of highly-experienced industry professionals

The IES Track Record: Real, Measurable and Robust

Here are just some of the powerful benefits our clients tell us they’ve realized by choosing IES, an industry leading Employer of Record firm:

  • Immediate savings: The purchasing power of IES can save you 25% or more on Workers’ Compensation Insurance right from the start.
  • Long-term savings: An IES client tells us they’ve saved over 3 million dollars in just a three-year period by reducing administrative costs. That’s a serious boost to their bottom line.
  • Reduced overhead: Another client reports they now spend 20% less time on the administrative task of managing contingent employees, saving them more than $140,000 per year.
  • Eliminate high staffing fees: Quickly hire temporary employees without paying the markup rates and finder’s fee of a traditional staffing company.

Trust the human resources outsourcing company and payrolling solutions professionals.

The most important stat? The money, time and frustration you're going to save.

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