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For large companies seeking gig talent, Fulcrum is a game-changer.

Finding, engaging, and deploying top gig and freelance talent.  It’s a massive challenge for most firms in the skyrocketing Gig Economy. And for larger enterprise companies with layers of legacy staffing vendor processes, and complex requirements for compliance, it’s even harder.  There’s a revolutionary new way to bridge the talent gap and embrace the future of work.

It’s called Fulcrum, a technology enabled services company that’s a spin off from IES.  Fulcrum is a state-of-the-art talent acquisition platform that connects enterprise companies with best in class online gig and freelance talent providers.  With Fulcrum, enterprise companies get access to the entire gig economy, from a single point of entry, with an end to end integrated and fully compliant solution.

IES Fulcrum

The biggest breakthrough?  Fulcrum seamlessly integrates new gig economy platforms with the traditional MSP/VMS infrastructure that is already in place within enterprise companies today and IES’s back office systems to remain fully compliant in this new world of work.  This allows the largest companies in the world to take advantage of the untapped talent, speed, agility and cost-savings of the gig economy while remaining compliant and contractors paid on time. The biggest game-changers:

  • On demand, flexible talent while maintaining full compliance: Through software integrations with IES, Fulcrum gives you all the advantages of today’s gig workers – while ensuring that you’re always compliant.
  • Trusted platform with transparent pricing models: Plug into a dynamic new world of talent acquisition from a single source– at greatly reduced costs compared to traditional staffing firms.
  • Bridging the talent gap for enterprise companies: Fulcrum lets you access the top online talent platforms that best address your unique talent gaps.

Unleash the power of the Gig Economy

  • IES ensures comprehensive vetting standards across Fulcrum’s talent acquisition partners, ensuring a high-quality and fully compliant platform that satisfies HR, Finance, Legal, and Procurement requirements.
  • Consolidated, uniform billing: Through Fulcrum, multiple platforms bill through one master agreement, resulting in a single, simplified invoice.
  • Gain access to best-in-class online talent platforms with game-changing solutions to talent acquisition.
  • Fulcrum gives you the best of both worlds: the significant cost-savings and flexibility of a contingent workforce, while ensuring 100% compliance, 100% of the time.
  • You asked. We listened. IES clients told us they needed to connect to new streams of talent not accessible with their current staffing MSP and VMS relationships. The result?  Our spin off company that focuses entirely on driving access, successful usage, and enterprise-wide adoption of talent technology platforms.


Connecting today’s enterprise companies with the future of work

IES believes in long-term partnerships, not transactional sales. Our mission? To change the way enterprise companies attract, recruit and manage talent. If this is in alignment with your company’s goals and visions for the future, we’d love to talk! Contact our friendly professionals today.