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Human Cloud

Elevate your talent acquisition strategy.

In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, we are all constantly striving to expand our talent supply chain in order to take our talent acquisition strategies to the next level. IES can easily plug your team into the new wave of talent acquisition technology platforms through a single, trusted, and fully compliant platform. Our firm is now fully poised to embrace and leverage the unstoppable driving forces behind the Gig-Economy.


As the war for talent heats up and the unstoppable rise of the Gig Economy takes hold in the global business community, our clients in TA/HR have asked us for access to new streams of talent of all kinds. In search of these alternative talent sources we have found the Human Cloud. The Human Cloud (sometimes called “online staffing”) is an emerging set of work intermediation models that enable work arrangements of various kinds to be established and completed (including payment of workers) entirely through a digital/online platform.

Work with us to:

  • Gain access to specialized talent to fill the hardest to find job requirements
  • Greatly reduce your organizations dependency on traditional staffing/recruiting firms
  • Implement a direct sourcing strategy and empower your TA team to deliver results
  • Spend less time interviewing candidates thanks to multidimensional matching that identifies the candidates that meet your needs, fit your culture, and are ready to join your team

Gain access to cutting-edge talent acquisition technologies through a trusted platform that satisfies HR, Finance, Legal, procurement’s requirements

IES Fulcrum

Our solution, Fulcrum, will provide your organization with access to an array of best-in-class Human Cloud providers through a single, streamlined platform. In doing so, we will ensure you have access to all of the Human Cloud platforms who best address your unique talent gaps through a stress free, 100% compliant, sole source provider with 40 years of experience in staffing/payrolling.

IES Fulcrum provides:

  • Vetting and Standards across our Human Cloud partners, ensuring a high-quality and program-compliant experience
  • Consolidated and uniform billing through IES, allowing the use of multiple platforms through one master agreement with one invoice
  • Talent Consultations to identify gaps and inefficiencies in your talent supply chain to identify opportunities for workforce optimization

Talent Acquisition Technology Platforms

We are always looking to expand our platform capabilities by adding the top players in the online staffing/ talent acquisition technology space. We currently manage over $75 million in contingent payrolling spend across our client base and over the last year we have heard our clients asking us for access to new streams of talent that they are unable to tap into with their current staffing MSP and VMS relationships. We listened to the marketplace in launching a division focused entirely on driving access, successful usage and then enterprise wide adoption of talent technology platforms.

We want to hear from you if…:

  • You have best-in-class technology focusing on disrupting talent acquisition and staffing
  • You want to reach enterprise-sized clients without the user-experience damaging constraints placed on providers by the traditional MSP/VMS relationship
  • You want to apply your tech to the contingent workforce and gig economy without having to handle all the compliance, onboarding, billing & collecting, and general employment responsibilities

We believe in long term partnership and not transactional sales. We are setting out on a mission to change the way enterprise companies attract, recruit, and manage talent. If this is a journey that you feel is in alignment with your goals and visions of the future then we would love to talk!