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How to Manage Your Contingent Workforce Effectively Through a Crisis

There’s no question about the unprecedented nature of the moment we’re living in. To stay afloat, companies have to find creative ways to operate efficiently and effectively under these extraordinary circumstances. When overseeing a contingent workforce program — both during this pandemic and in the future — you’ll need to…

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Three coworkers one female and two male looking at a laptop at in an office

Building Your Global Bridge with an Employer of Record

The internet has made the world a smaller, more accessible place. But expanding to incorporate remote work into your business is not easy. The last thing you want to do is spend weeks learning and handling all the work involved with the employment rules and regulations of a new market or country. Learn how to take your business global without the hassle…

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HR meeting in a conference room

Avoiding the Headache of Rapidly Changing Sick Leave Laws

Katie’s coughing and sneezing at her desk again. But she’s toughing it out at work…because her company doesn’t offer paid sick leave. Putting the whole office at risk. It’s a far-too-typical scenario that’s grabbing national attention – and…

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Devour the Competition With the Help of a Payrolling Service

You’re hungry for market dominance – but bogged down by HR and payrolling paperwork. Leaving you no time to focus on the big picture. Throw your business a time and money lifeline by…

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