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Independent Contractor Compliance

Avoiding risky business with IC compliance services.

Hiring independent contractors can be a great way to maintain a flexible workforce, tap into a specialized talent pool, and save on labor costs. Unfortunately, the risk of misclassification under IRS guidelines poses a significant threat. Without IC compliance services to eliminate risk, one innocent mistake can cost employers millions in penalties and back paid taxes, wages, and insurances. For example, do you have the in-depth knowledge to accurately evaluate whether a contractor meets 1099 guidelines? Most companies simply don’t have the time, due diligence or HR expertise to answer that and other critical questions – posing a level of risk most employers simply can’t assume.

Turn to IES Independent Contractor Compliance solutions. We offer our clients an in-depth service that covers it all – and helps you breathe easier when it comes to hiring 1099 contract workers:

  • Our comprehensive 1099 screening process evaluates the worker, the job description, and the nature of the employment relationship to determine 1099 eligibility
  • Our 1099 evaluation process significantly reduces the risk of often-costly misclassification errors
  • We save you the time and cost burdens of evaluating employee status internally
  • In addition to the initial screening process, IES also provides regular re-evaluations for qualifying contractors

Avoid risky business with our independent contractor compliance services. IES is one of the leading IC compliance companies, nationwide. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.