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Independent Contractor Compliance

Avoiding risky business with IC compliance services.

The wrong answer could cost you thousands.

W-2 employee…or independent contractor?

This is one question you’ve got to get right…right from the start. Even one innocent error can trigger substantial penalties from the IRS.

Protect your business with Innovative IC from IES. A comprehensive vetting and Agent of Record program that ensures your new contract workers are classified correctly – and your company is 100% compliant.

Innovative IC’s two-step process is simple yet robust. First, both contractors and clients fill out our user-friendly online questionnaire. Then, the IES compliance experts thoroughly review it…and recommend the correct classification.

It gets even better. When you partner with IES as your Agent of Record, we take it all off your plate, from start to finish. We completely vet and onboard your independent contractors…and handle the entire invoice collection and payment process. Letting you breathe a whole lot easier.

Grow your business the safer, smarter, stress-free way. Contact the friendly compliance pros at IES today.