Darlene Bruder, Vice President of Operations

When partnering with a Payrolling Service the on-boarding process and experience is a little different than a traditional hire. This can sometimes be a confusing moment for the candidate but a good Payrolling company will always have a process in place to create a smooth onboarding experience for your contingent workforce.

A candidate is selected by a representative of your organization, at your work location, and will be trained, coached and celebrated for their accomplishments by your organization, however they will be paid by the Payrolling Service. They will use the Payrolling Service’s name for unemployment filing, disability filing, workman’s comp, 401K and verification of employment just to name a few. It is important to the employee’s success that they feel a part of the company that pays them their wages (the legal Employer of Record) as they do in the environment in which they perform the work.

Poor or confusing onboarding can lead to higher turnover. The onboarding process is one of the first experiences the employee has with your company so you want this to be welcoming and seamless.

Some key factors to consider when choosing a partnership are:

  1. Is your company’s culture a good fit with the Payrolling Services culture?
  2. Does the Payrolling Service have the knowledge to accurately onboard an employee, maintain compliance and keep up with legislation changes?
  3. Does the Payrolling Service have a seamless, secure, automated, and easy method of obtaining the onboarding information?
  4. Can the Payrolling Service take the administrative burden of on-boarding, payroll processing, and benefits management away from you?
  5. Does the relationship allow you to continue with your objectives, allowing you to grow your business?

Gathering the employee’s onboarding information should feel like the next step in the hiring process, the next step you do not have to handle. It should be able to be completed from home at the employee’s leisure and the employee should feel they are being guided through the process and have the ability to upload documentation all in one place, and know that their data is secure and protected. There are many moving parts to onboarding someone however the employees experience should be seamless and easy.

Your Payrolling provider should welcome the employee in the same manner you would in a traditional hire, and guide them through the process providing all the tools they need to submit their data, report their time worked, and be assured that their paycheck will be correct, accurate and timely. All within a quick timeframe so the employee can begin providing value to your company.

An experienced payrolling company can help you make on-boarding your contingent workforce a seamless process while allowing you to focus on your business. Reach out to the friendly experts at Innovative Employee Solutions for further assistance. – See more at: Innovative Employee Solutions https://innovativeemployeesolutions.com/

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