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IES President in Forbes Article on How to Refresh Your Business Ideas in the New Year

Innovative Employee Solutions President, Kara Hertzog, contributes to Forbes article “How to Refresh Your Business Ideas in the New Year”. Read the full article here at


January 17, 2021


5. Learn from successes and mistakes.

Kara Hertzog believes reflecting on the company’s performance is the most critical job of any business leader: “What worked, what didn’t work, and how you can keep improving and evolving as a company? When you’re not continually questioning, you risk stagnation. Don’t leave out the areas where your company excels, because even these may one day require a refresh.”

Because of the current tumultuous business climate, many companies are rethinking how they do business. Hertzog’s advice? Look to your peers for inspiration.

“Everyone has had to get more creative this year,” she said. “As we research new and innovative online engagement tools, we’re taking a hard look at how other businesses have made these kinds of shifts.”

Learn from those who have gone before, and you’ll make fewer mistakes of your own along the way.

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