Being unemployed can be one of the strongest factors that hinders job-seeking success. According to a recent survey, people with a criminal record who can hold down a job have an easier time impressing hiring managers than workers who have been unemployed for an extended amount of time.

Social media recruiting software maker Bullhorn Reach surveyed 1,500 HR administration representatives and recruiters on their employment habits. When asked to rate on a scale of one to five how difficult it would be to place someone who had been unemployed for two years, 44 percent gave a rate of five. Meanwhile, only 31 percent gave a five to someone with a non-felony criminal record. Thirty-six percent of respondents said that being unemployed for six months to a year made placement difficult.

Other factors that lowered a candidate's chances of getting hired included being out of touch with technology and having skills that are no longer in demand. About 78 percent of respondents said getting fired was the most damaging factor to a candidate's prospects. Meanwhile, recruiters view job-hopping or having gaps in one's employment history as additional bad signs.

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