As the U.S. continues its climb out of a recession, some industries have created significantly more jobs than others in the past couple years, according to CareerBuilder.

The online job listing provider used information from national and state employment resources, such as census and HR administration data, to compile its lists of industries and locations that have experienced the most job growth.

"Job creation in the U.S. is on an upward trajectory," said CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson. "Markets tied to energy, production, technology, healthcare, transportation and consulting have increased employment 10 to 30 percent over the last few years."

According to the findings, the following industries increased by double digit percentages and at least 20,000 jobs between 2010 to 2012:

-Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals jobs went up 30 percent.

-Drilling oil and gas wells experienced a 29 percent job growth.

-Electronic shopping jobs increased 23 percent.

-Temporary help services added 438,116 jobs added, up 21 percent.

Other industries that experienced a significant boom the past two years include machine shops, marketing consulting services, gas extraction and home health care services.

The increase in industry jobs translates to an employment boom in technology and oil and gas hubs, such as San Jose and San Francisco, and Houston, Austin and Salt Lake City respectively.

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