Performing background checks and screening out questionable candidates saves your company time and money.

Learn what types of information may be revealed in background checks, then let Innovative Employee Solutions perform those checks for you.

Criminal Record

 A background check may bring up an applicant’s criminal past. Even minor violations such as unpaid parking tickets typically show up. You want to make sure that an applicant engaging in illegal activities won’t adversely affect your employees, clients, or company.

Be aware that potential hires need to sign a release form and be notified of their rights before you request a background check. Also, any information uncovered must be shared with the applicant.

Financial Issues

 Negative remarks on a job applicant’s credit report are also a red flag. For example, a candidate may have a large amount of credit card debt, could’ve lost a home to foreclosure, or may have filed for bankruptcy. If a worker is irresponsible with their personal finances, chances are they’ll behave recklessly with your company’s funds as well.

Keep in mind that applicants must give written consent before you run a credit check.

 Health Concerns

 Recurring medical conditions and excessive workers’ compensation claims may show up when reviewing a potential hire’s medical records. Determine whether a health concern may interfere with the applicant’s work performance. Also, think about how potentially having additional workers’ compensation claims will impact your company’s health insurance premiums.

Know that candidates have to provide written authorization before you review their medical records. However, workers’ compensation appeals are a matter of public record and do not require permission for viewing.

Academic/Career Dishonesty

 A background check shows whether a job applicant is honest on their resume. You can determine whether the academic achievements and previous positions listed are accurate. It’s important that you verify the candidate truly possesses the skills and experience that they claim they do. Odds are if a candidate is not truthful on their resume, they’ll act the same way if they work for you.

Don’t hire employees for your business before having us perform background checks. Get in touch with the trained experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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