Security Clearances and Pre-Employment Screening

Employment pre-screening for peace of mind

IES makes sure you hire the right employees right from the start. Our pre-employment screening service options include detailed, thorough pre-employment background checks, drug screenings and/or security clearance facilitation on your behalf, giving you peace of mind and confidence with every hire.

Security Clearances

For companies and contractors working on government contracts who require clearances, IES can provide security clearance solutions. IES will initiate new investigations, and will manage and maintain current clearances for employees assigned to work on classified contracts.

Pre-Employment Screening

Negligent hiring can lead to a number of risks in the workplace, such as employee safety, drug and alcohol violations, and the long-term costs of high turnover and low productivity. IES can help you hire the best quality employees:

  • Pre-employment screening and background check processes are an essential part of minimizing risks and ensuring a safer workplace, but the process of screening applicants through background checks and drug testing can be difficult and time consuming.
  • With pre-employment screenings that include detailed, thorough background checks, drug screenings and/or security clearance facilitation on your behalf, our services allow companies to hire new employees with confidence and peace of mind.

Applicant Background Checks

IES offers employment pre-screening and credentials verification to help ensure the most profitable and productive workplace. Our background checks include, but are not limited to, verification of:

  • Previous employment
  • Social security number
  • Highest level of education
  • Criminal history

Reference Checks

Investing in reference checks is a pre-employment practice that can significantly improve hiring quality, reduce employee turnover and  help companies win top talent.  IES offers a cloud-based online reference checking solution that allows you to gather data and insight from references in a streamlined, high-touch workflow.

Drug Testing

IES capabilities include 5 or 10 panel drug testing nationwide with online access chain of custody forms for the convenience of your employees.  Five panel drug tests can have a turnaround time of just a few short hours in most locations.

Trust IES to handle the pre-employment screening and pre-employment background checks for your business. Contact us today to get started.