Temporary workers are often hired to fill permanent positions at organizations where they are placed. This is partially due to some employers feeling a period of observation without commitment can give them a better idea of an employee's capacities than any interview or test that takes place before hiring. It is also sometimes the case that companies hire temporary staff to hedge their financial bets, but later realize they need a permanent addition to their staff to accommodate changing needs.

Temporary or contract workers who hope to be hired permanently should be mindful of a few factors. The first is that good performance is essential. No other effort to secure permanent work will be successful without high performance. This demonstrates a temporary worker adds real value to the organization. Another caution is to make sure not to ask outright for permanent employment – particularly not near the beginning of one's tenure at an organization. Instead, employees should apply for vacancies that arise naturally. Considering a temporary situation, a long interview may be helpful to people who tend to become impatient. By performing well, networking and applying for open positions as they come up, temporary workers can improve their chances of landing a permanent job.

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