The tax credit available for hiring military veterans, reservists or members of the National Guard expires at the end of 2013. Though it may be renewed, that is not certain. Staffing firms that are the employer of record for contractors or temporary employees may wish to add more veterans to their workforce in light of the benefits available.

The National Guard and the Center for America have partnered to create resources for companies who wish to hire veterans. One is a handbook, while the other is a job board where it is free to post and veterans have help from case managers in deciding where to apply.

Temporary employment agencies and staffing firms that act as an employer of record will qualify for the tax benefits involved in hiring veterans, not firms that contract with them for workers. This is important to emphasize for clients who may have the incorrect impression.

Temporary and contract work can be an ideal re-entry into the workforce for recently returned veterans, and also for so many others who have been out of the working world for some time. The flexibility and opportunity to experience many different positions can benefit them as they decide where to take their careers after the military.

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