According to a recent article by The Associated Press, more employers are acknowledging the unique contributions older people can make to the workforce. While of course it is illegal to explicitly solicit only older people in a job posting, it is becoming more common to give serious consideration to the resumes of applicants with more experience in work and in life.

As the American population ages, the question of how long baby boomers will choose to work is becoming more prevalent. Many people of the older generation find they want or need to work well into what could be considered their retirement years. Companies that hire these workers find them dedicated and experienced. Older workers can also help businesses reach older clientele in a meaningful way. While they may not always have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest technology, this can be true of any employee. The older generation also came of age in a time when an entire career with the same company was considered desirable. This may mean greater loyalty and drive.

Older workers can benefit a company in many positions, whether as permanent or temporary employees. Indeed, many of them enjoy the flexibility and work-life balance that is possible for temporary or contract workers.

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