Each year, retailers hire thousands of temporary workers to assist the holiday rush. As shops become overrun with patrons, seasonal employees traditionally assist in the storefront jobs of stocking and sales as well as the backroom task of inventory. This year, however, many will move even further behind the scene. As online shopping continues to grab a larger piece of the market, more temps will be working in warehouses where they will prepare shipments to online buyers, The Oklahoman reports.

Online sales are expected to grow between 13 to 15 percent this year according to the National Retail Federation. In response to the boost, online retailers, as well as brick-and-mortar businesses with online shops, are looking for extra help organizing inventory and sending packages.

Beyond relieving the strain for existing employees, boosting warehouse staff can actually increase sales. Some companies are investing in the warehouse to reduce the time it takes to deliver packages, Bloomberg reports. Fast delivery is a major asset to have during the holiday season and it may give prepared retailers an advantage over the competition. Not only will short handling time impress customers, but if coupled with quick shipping, it will offer more days of shopping before the holiday deadline hits.

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