Because your employees are always watching you, it’s important you act accordingly. Here are a few tips on how to lead by example, so others follow suit.

Arrive Early/Stay Late

By arriving early and working late, you reinforce the fact that your role within the organization is essential and you take it very seriously. However, you should still be flexible with your staff when they need time off to take care of their children or for personal reasons, such as a doctor’s appointment. Understand that as long as the work is completed on time, you can have high production standards while allowing for flexibility.

Reinforce Company Mission

Make sure your employees understand how your organization provides value while filling customers’ needs in ways that set it apart from your competition. Through your actions, you need to develop, support, and reinforce reasons why customers remain loyal to your company. Your staff will act in a similar manner.

Communicate Openly

You need to openly and honestly communicate for your company to remain successful. Ensure your team members understand exactly what your organization’s plans and issues are so your team remains actively involved in moving the business forward. You’ll gain more credibility by keeping your employees involved in company operations on an ongoing basis.

Embrace Change

Stay open to your workers’ thoughts on moving the company forward. Innovation happens when you listen to, develop, and implement your staff members’ ideas. Your team will respect you more when you let them help guide the future of the business.

Take Breaks

Briefly walk around the office throughout the day and talk with your employees. Find out what projects they’re working on, whether they have questions or issues, and how you may help them improve their performance. Ensure you limit your conversations to a few minutes, and follow up on requests in a timely manner. Your workers will like and respect you more, which improves employee morale and productivity.

Compliment Successes

Discuss in groups how specific team members contributed to the success of departmental projects, reports or customer interactions. You’ll make your staff feel valued while setting an example of behaviors you like seeing.

Be Action-Oriented

 Take action on issues as they arise. Rather than simply sending an email regarding an issue, go to the employee(s) involved and address the topic. You’ll set the standard for improving the company by personally and efficiently addressing issues.

Learn from Mistakes

 It’s important you acknowledge and learn from your and others’ mistakes. By taking responsibility for your part in outcomes, you may better understand what happened and why so you may improve the next time around. Your employees will be more willing to make mistakes when they’re viewed as part of moving the company forward.

Because your actions are being monitored all the time it’s important you lead by example. As a result, you’ll see even greater success in your department and in your career.  Are you a leader of a company, looking for strategies resources?  Here at Innovative Employee Solutions, we always do our best to meet your needs as an employer.

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