Staffing Industry Analysts issued a new report about the best ways for a staffing company to become a preferred supplier of temporary workers. According to SIA, the key is three-fold: The best account managers, the best recruiters and the best candidates.

Hiring a proper account manager isn't easy. They must understand the staffing industry perfectly. They must also understand the culture of every company they work for, so as to ensure the best fit between temp and company. They also need to know which temps are available in their firm, and must always make good on what kind of hire they promise. If a company needs someone that the staffing firm can't offer, then the account manager must know how to give another solution, SIA reported.

Recruiters must also be skilled at picking up the best, most reliable talent. They must know the business they are recruiting for, as well. For example, a recruiter for a staffing firm specializing in IT must know that field backwards and forwards. They know what questions to ask during interviews with potential hires, and they never ask anything generic, but always something to the point and specific for that job.

SIA cited that candidates must finally be the best a company can offer. Good recruiters find good candidates. This means screening every single candidate before sending them to an interview with a company – not just before the worker is assigned a role in the recruiting firm.

According to Business Management Daily, the contingent workforce is here to stay. Some firms have integrated temps so firmly into the company that 30 percent of the workforce is temporary. This means it is more important than ever for staffing firms to stand out. Competition is getting thick.

Additionally, Business Management Daily recommends employers keep temporary workers as motivated as possible by bringing them into decision-making roles and making them feel like permanent hires.

To say this in another way, to create a good temp, not only must the staffing firm do its job, but the firm hiring the temp must do its job as well.

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