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Domino’s to hire extra workers for sports event

Posted on May 19th, 2014 Read time: 2 minutes

Domino's Pizza plans on a major staffing drive to hire enough workers to send out all the pizzas that will be ordered during the next World Cup, according to Real Business. The company will hire an extra 1,300 workers at its locations in England. During the games, Domino's will sell approximately 56 million slices of pizza, made by a staff of 5,000. The mozzarella for that many pizzas would fill 1.5 Olympic swimming pools.

For those with slightly less major influxes of work in the future, one of the best ways of handling a temporary staffing shortage that might come from workers leaving or from extra work coming into the office would be with hiring temporary workers through an employer of record. The temps could stay as long as necessary, and then they would leave again for a job somewhere else.

The Staffing Stream writes the best way to hire a worker who will stay with your company is to hire one that fits in terms of personality, rather than skills. Skills can be trained, but personality cannot. The best way to know someone's personality is to work with him or her, and that can be done via temp-to-hire. In the above example of Domino's Pizza, most workers will likely leave when the huge influx of deliveries are over, but those who truly enjoyed the pressure and the thrill of the job might be kept on for a long time.

Recruiters call it the airplane test. If you can imagine talking to a future hire on a long airplane ride, then it's likely he or she will be a good fit in the company. And since most jobs entail sitting around and working, then it could be said a temp-to-hire is essentially being put directly to the airplane test. See how long it takes for him or her to learn the office dynamics, and see if that person makes friends or not. It could very likely reduce the amount of employee turnover, according to The Staffing Stream.

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