As a small staffing firm, you most likely have challenges competing with larger staffing firms. Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can provide solutions to larger client companies’ biggest needs so they retain your services longer. 

  • Time Clock Technology

 It’s important your client companies have real-time access to what their workers are doing. This helps determine whether the business makes a profit or loss and whether it succeeds or fails. When your small staffing firm has the technology for using the internet to provide time and attendance solutions for your clients, you’ll save them time and money and be able to retain bigger clients.

When utilizing time clock technology, an employee clocks in, his time system logs him in to the assigned task, and the data is quickly available for line managers, staffing specialists, customer supervisors, accounting, and reports by a computer or tablet. Everyone can access the information and make better decisions based on real-time information.

The technology is flexible, letting your client companies and your staffing firm customize workflow, reports, and other issues. Your clients save time by not programming in each new worker and save money by avoiding billing mistakes. In addition, your clients won’t be looking elsewhere to meet their staffing needs.

  • Social Media Feedback

 Your small staffing firm can always ask for feedback about your services on social media. Utilize your customer service and/or marketing departments for adding to your existing social media strategy. Have your employees engage with client companies on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites to gain clear information on what your client companies want and need from you. When you continually provide them solutions to their issues, they’ll continue hiring your agency for their staffing needs. In addition, your client companies will continue referring you to even more businesses, expanding your client company pool even farther. The small amount of time and money invested in social media can pay off exponentially and give you an advantage over larger staffing firms.

As a small staffing firm, you can compete with larger firms by following these simple guidelines. For assistance fulfilling your other business needs, contact the knowledgeable staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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