Studies show employers who offer wellness programs see their employees much more engaged in their work. Here are some other benefits for your company and how you can keep your workers motivated to stay healthy. 

  • Increased Productivity

When workers are encouraged to lead healthier lives, they are more productive at work. Staff have higher energy levels, are able to concentrate more, and are more optimistic about the future.

  • Increased Loyalty

Implementing a wellness program shows your staff you care about their personal health. This creates a sense of belonging for each of your workers and builds allegiance to your organization. When workers feel valued, they focus more on achieving your company’s long-term goals and remain with your organization longer.

  • Decreased Absences

Wellness programs provide your staff and their families health education, fitness training, and lifestyle management ideas. Because the information and activities allow your workers to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, they’ll most likely experience less sick time. You’ll save costs by having workers show up and complete their daily tasks.

  • Increased Morale

Having a healthy, happy workforce is a strong recruitment tool. Improved morale leads to better work performance, increased company loyalty, and a stronger sense of personal responsibility. More workers will want to join your organization knowing the positive effects it will have on their lives.

  • Increased Talent

When top performers search for jobs, they pay close attention to a company’s benefits. Excellent workers will be attracted to your organization because it emphasizes the importance of their well-being. If your current staff enjoy their workplace atmosphere, they’ll most likely share their feelings with others. This will also attract the best workers to your business. 

  • Participation

To maximize effectiveness, as many employees as possible need to participate in your wellness program. You may want to use gamification and tech for sustaining your workers’ interest and active involvement in the program while helping them develop healthy, long-term habits. Wearable devices, sharing a wellness platform, and using wellness apps all motivate workers to stay healthy. 

  • Friendly Competition

You can turn your wellness program into a multiplayer game, encouraging team challenges and friendly competition among peers. Executives may sponsor and participate in initiatives to encourage your staff in leading healthier lives. Employees may earn points shown on a leader board and move up levels to new fitness challenges. Ensure you reward your staff with incentives that match your business strategy and culture. Monetary incentives such as cash or HSA deposits, gift cards, or company swag work well. Change the rewards for each level to sustain employee interest.

  • Goal Sharing

Encourage your workers to write down and share their goals with friends. Have colleagues hold them accountable for reaching their objectives. Your staff will be more likely to lead healthy lives.

Keep your wellness program fun, simple, and engaging so your employees continue participating and improving their health. For additional help prospering your business, reach out to the professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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