A recruitment agency is a welcome alternative to the tedious job hunting process, providing not only guidance but also a leg-up in the job market that wouldn't be had through blind phone calls or emails.

According to the Nation Staff blog, recruiters hold the "hidden jewels" of the job market, such as undisclosed positions that aren't listed online. This is especially true for senior-level jobs, as companies have confidential roles for "restricted eyes only."

On a related note, the connections recruiters have with hiring managers can be integral since cover letters can be sent to specific people in HR rather than a generic "hiring manager." Also, recruiters can help provide prospects with feedback about what's working with their resume and approach and what isn't.

Furthermore, recruiters can be beneficial even if a person has already found a job. They can provide advice about compensation or new positions years down the line, acting as a helpful career path guide.

Finally, Business 2 Community notes that businesses can benefit from recruiters because they're a massive time saver. Given the daily happenings of a business, it may be hard to focus efforts on hiring. Recruiting agencies can match employers and candidates, reducing the amount of time wasted on reviewing unsuitable applicants.

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