A company's culture can say a lot to job candidates and many can tell right from the beginning of recruitment if the position will be a good fit. Strong job seekers might turn away from accepting an offer of employment after seeing negativity about the company online or during the in-person interview. HR administrations should consider investing in the organization's internal culture to create a positive work environment for employees and new hires.

The workforce is the foundation of a company's culture and recruiters should consider hiring only those candidates with a positive attitude to cultivate engagement right from recruitment. According to ERE, only positive people will produce a positive workplace. During the interviewing process, recruiters should not only identify if the employee will be a good fit for the position but if they are enthusiastic to work with other staff members and exhibit certain character traits, such as kindness and empathy. 

Behavior-based questions that ask how the interviewee previously solved difficult situations and how they plan to solve issues in the future can help recruiters find positive candidates. Jim Roddy of ERE recommends recruiters ask themselves how those examples demonstrate their character traits to ensure HR professionals find top talent.

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