Health IQ Resource Page


Congratulations on your employment for a position working at Health IQ through your Employer of Record Innovative Employee Solutions (IES).

Please use this Health IQ Resource Page to help resolve Frequently Asked Questions about onboarding, task completing, direct deposits, etc.





  I Can’t Find My Onboarding Link

Please search your inbox by looking up “Welcome to IES”. This email will contain your offer letter and link to begin onboarding.


  I Can’t Log Into ESS Portal (one time link error)

If you have already signed up and are unable to access your account – you are likely using the link that was marked as ‘unique one-time-only’

Use the following link for all future access:


  My Tasks Won’t Open

This may be due to two issues.

You must be accessing your onboarding in the ESS portal from a computer. If you do not have your own you will need to borrow a friend/family members or visit your local public library. Second, you must disable your popup blockers. Here is a helpful guide how to disable your pop-up blocker:


  How do I set up Direct Deposit?

You can set up your direct deposit by logging into your employee portal; scroll down on the left-hand side you will see the “Direct Deposit” section.

You will click “add” add your account number and routing number and for the field asking you to upload a photo of a ‘voided check.’

You have two other options:

1. You can upload a photo of a direct deposit authorization from your bank that you have filled out (you can ask the bank for this in person)

2. You may upload a screenshot from your online banking, as long as it shows your FULL account number and routing number


  i9 Section 2

A team member from Health IQ will be reaching out to you to complete Section 2 of your I-9 form. This may be done on your first training day. Questions regarding your i9 Section 2 should be directed to Health IQ, not IES.


  Equipment/Training Questions

Unfortunately, we do not have any visibility on the equipment or training portion. You will need to reach out to your supervisor or a Health IQ contact for assistance.




  Timekeeping Instructions

If you are still pending time keeping instructions and log-in, please know that we are working to set up your WebTime account. We will provide your timekeeping credentials before you are required to submit your hours. In the meantime, please keep track of your hours so you may easily enter your time once your account set up is complete.


  When Do I Get Paid?

Pay day is every 2 weeks – You may review the pay schedule in the ESS portal in My Documents.

Additionally, you may review your hours submitted in WebTime, and you can always view your paystubs in the ESS Portal.

If your check was mailed out please allow up to 5 BUSINESS days for arrival before reaching out.

(Please see Direct Deposit Set-up instructions in onboarding FAQ above if you would like to add or edit online banking)



IES does not need to be informed of absences or tardiness. It is important that you communicate items of this nature to your supervisor at Health IQ and reflect such instances in your timecard.

Failure to inform your Health IQ supervisor directly could result in a ‘no show’.


  Benefits Questions

You will be eligible for benefits the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment. Please contact for all benefit questions.


  Equipment Return

Health IQ will manage all equipment returns. You will receive an email with a link to fill out your name and address. This will generate a shipping label. Take the equipment and shipping label to your nearest FedEx; they will take care of boxing and shipping.

If you have questions, please contact Health IQ. IES does not have visibility on this piece.



  Contact Us

To contact IES for questions no on the Resource Page, please email us at or call 858-715-5100 x510