Your business’s human resource responsibilities include payroll and tax filing, employee benefit and health administration, legal compliance, and more. Due to the comprehensiveness and complexity of these responsibilities, you may be far better off outsourcing them to an employer of record like IES.

Risk Management

With employment and labor laws constantly changing, staying current on regulations is difficult yet mandatory. Outsourced HR Administration firms such as IES employ professionals who stay updated on, and comply with federal and state employment laws so your company avoids expensive lawsuits and steep IRS fines and penalties.


Outsourcing reduces the cost of maintaining additional office space and staff members. You won’t have to expand your HR office or hire new workers as your business grows. Your outsourcing costs will vary by use, so you’ll pay less when your needs are reduced.


Advanced HR technology provided by outsourcing vendors helps streamline functions such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance management. Workers spend less time on paperwork and more time improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your workplace.

Case Study

One of IES’s clients, a leading global manufacturer of transportation-based technology applications, knew how to hire top talent for their own projects. The company wanted tighter control over their contingent workforce by retaining the ability to source their own workers while adhering to their stringent standards for pre-employment screening and expense reporting. They wanted to quickly hire temporary workers and retain the flexibility and benefits of a staffing service – without paying high markup fees.

IES Solution

IES provided a professional account manager and experienced payroll staff for hiring and HR administration; a payroll program including customized forms, applications, and timecards, all online; and pre-employment screening procedures including background checks and drug screening notifications. We also provided a voluntary healthcare plan, 401(k) plan, and other benefits for the client’s contingent workers; managed workers’ compensation and unemployment claims on the client’s behalf; and distributed W2 forms to payroll employees at the end of the year.


The client freed up valuable time for income-producing activities; saved up to 50 percent when compared to traditional staffing fees; reduced their risk and liability; and maintained stronger control of its contingent workers.

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