Older workers may have more difficulty finding employment in today's economy. However, career coach Mark Burch explains to the Charlotte Observer that there are options for more seasoned workers that may not involve having to swallow their pride.

Burch suggests contacting contract firms or temporary worker agencies, as they can act as a gateway to companies in specific fields that need talent.

"Sometimes these positions can turn from contract to full-time as (they provide) the employer a chance to evaluate the worker for a possible full-time job," Burch adds, as quoted by the news source.

He also recommends workers double-check their resume for clarity and focus, broaden their job search beyond just large companies and review their interviewing skills to ensure they come off as relaxed but confident.

"Your body language will tell the interviewer more about you in the first 10 seconds than your resume," Burch notes.

Companies with older workers who are nearing retirement may soon lose support for healthcare benefit financing, as HREOnline reported that the federal Early Retiree Reinsurance Program is close to running out of funds.

The $5 billion ERRP stopped taking applications in May and is expected to be completely dry by September 2012.

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