As HR administrations increase services and specify roles within departments, more human resource job postings are surfacing online. A recent poll of job ads found that not only are there more positions than ever within the industry but that departments are beginning to focus on definitive roles that need to be filled. 

Online human resource position advertisements rose 14 percent in February with more than 115,000 HR jobs posted, according to a new poll by Wanted Analytics, a job tracking company. Of the most common job titles, recruiter was number one, followed by human resources assistant and payroll specialist. The least common was senior recruiter. 

The report indicates that more HR professionals are leaning toward defining roles within departments and creating specialists. When creating an HR job ad online, defining the duties of the position is one of the easiest ways to find the right candidate. Focusing on the talents, skill-level and experience that accurately reflects the precise part that the new hire will be filling can make finding the right candidate easier within the multitude of job postings. 

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