About 28 percent of businesses surveyed in a recent poll plan to add workers to their company because of the Affordable Care Act, compared with 15 percent who plan on reducing their labor force. The survey was performed by Harris Poll, which asked 303 employers what their plans for hiring were between March 26 and April 7. The majority of respondents (58 percent) said they planned to make no staffing changes at all due to the ACA.

The ACA is a complicated issue in the staffing community because those who hire through an employer of record are often unsure about ACA billing. Whatever the case may be, hiring temporary workers can be cheaper than hiring full-time labor. It allows companies to control the supply of their workers, and if they believe a worker would make a valuable addition, then that person can become a temp-to-hire candidate.

According to Business Management Daily, the best way to handle temporary workers is to know when to use them. Companies shouldn't hire a temporary worker when they need work done quickly. Temps need time to integrate into a company and feel part of the team. As a result, temps will have a sense of belonging and commitment to their job.

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