Full-time and contingent IT hiring was less in March than what had been predicted, according to TEKsystems. However, Staffing Industry Analysts still predicts IT temp hiring will continue its forward momentum.

According to the survey by TEKsystems, 35 percent of IT managers said they'd hired a full-time or contract worker. In the previous survey, 47 percent predicted that they would hire someone. Thus the actual hiring fell short of the predicted number by about 10 percent. TEKsystems predicts this is due to a lack of budget. Many tech managers who said they would hire in the near future also predicted additional money would be in the budget. However, according to the survey, the number of departments receiving additional money was much less than the amount that had expected it.

Staffing Industry Analysts remains bullish on IT staffing, however. Although the budgets were not as high as had been expected, the overall percentage of temporary workers in the job market reached a record high of 2.06 in March, which means that 2.06 percent of all the workers in the U.S. are temp workers.

Additionally, IT staffing firms have recently grown their revenue, with an increase of 12 percent year-over-year to 15 percent year-over-year.

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