Job candidates often wonder what factors help managers decide who they hire for their companies. Here are a few things hiring managers talk about after finishing interviews to determine the best fit for their company.

  • Whether a Candidate Seems Excited About the Interview

 Hiring managers bring aboard candidates who are passionate about the company’s mission and excited to work with the team. Therefore, an applicant’s education, skills, and experience are not the only factors used to determine who fills an opening. In some cases, less-qualified interviewees are hired for a position if they demonstrate stronger interpersonal and communication skills and provide a positive foundation for working with the organization. After all, an employee can easily be taught new skills, but they can’t easily be taught a more positive outlook on life. If a job seeker strongly engages with the interviewer about what they like most about the business and how they can further the company’s goals, the candidate is more likely to be hired on by the organization.    

  • Whether a Candidate Should Interview with Another Executive

 Even though a job seeker may be the favored candidate for a position, there may be other executives they need to meet with before being extended an official offer for employment. Coordinating a time for the executive to meet with the interviewee can be challenging. Experiencing a delay in hearing back from the company does not mean a candidate is no longer being considered for the position. It may simply mean the executive is trying to find a time to meet with them before officially bringing them on board.

  • How Soon the Company Needs a New Employee

 Once hiring managers decide which interviewee is the best fit for their company, they must determine who needs to be told they’re hiring a new employee, what HR needs to do for onboarding, when the new hire can give their company notice, and other factors that affect the company’s extending an offer for employment.

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