A majority of hiring managers say that they plan to make more new hires in the second half of the year than in the first, according to a survey conducted by Dice Holdings. When surveyed regarding their plans for the first half of 2013, only 46 percent of hiring managers reported that they would seek to increase their workforce. This increase is good news not only for job seekers but also those who are currently employed, as it indicates substantial confidence in continued economic growth.

As ever, opportunities for employment for contract workers grow with that confidence. "Employers, regardless of size, anticipate using more contractors, temporary staffing and part-time employees than six months ago," Staffing Industry Analysts report.

Fears over the possible impact on businesses of certain political events such as the Affordable Care Act and the sequester have largely calmed. Most businesses of fewer than 50 people do not report that they have plans in place to stay under that size as a result of the ACA. A significant majority of respondents said that the sequester had no impact on the way they do business.

Heading into the second half of 2013, the outlook for employment is bright, especially for temporary workers.

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