In order to spend your days in peak performance as a recruiter, you need to successfully manage your time. Here are five ways that’ll help you stay on task and see more results daily.

  • Work Harder, Not Longer

 Your output, rather than your activity level, should measure your productivity. By focusing on busywork rather than on results that bring in income, you waste important hours that could be used for improving your bottom line. For example, when you have a meeting set with a client, ensure you have a written agenda for guiding the discussion and achieving your goals. You’ll be more satisfied with your productivity and see more positive results for your efforts.

  • Carry Out Your Written Tasks Daily

 Plan your work and work your plan. Stop pushing off tasks that are important and can be accomplished today. Meet with your clients and candidates as scheduled. Set aside time each day for returning calls and responding to emails. Stay proactive and control what you spend your time on rather than reacting to issues as they arise. You’ll get more done by completing your scheduled duties before handling less-pressing issues.

  • Finish Harder Tasks First

 When you complete your more demanding tasks first thing in the morning, you can enjoy performing the rest of your work throughout the day. You’ll feel more confident knowing you resolved your most challenging issues and can ease through the rest of your day completing other tasks.

  • Quantify the Value of Your Candidates

Determine each candidate’s value to figure out which ones you should spend more time with and which ones probably won’t be helping you earn income for the month. Candidates who consistently answer your calls and show up for interviews should receive more of your time than those who don’t. Decide whether a candidate is working with you exclusively, ready for immediate work, open to a career change, excited when meeting with your clients, easily reached, and open to advice. Then plan your time with each candidate accordingly.

  • Maintain Control of Your Clients

 Be sure you’re placing top-quality candidates with top-quality clients. Better clients require more from the hiring process, which increases the odds of your candidate securing and enjoying a position. Determine which are your best clients based on their retention rate, clarity of promotion requirements, and strength of their work incentives.

By improving your time management skills, you accomplish more goals in a shorter amount of time and help increase your bottom line. For more assistance with bringing in additional revenue, reach out to the helpful staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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