As a small business owner, you have enough stress carrying out core functions and moving operations forward. Let IES save you time and money while reducing risks by becoming your Employer of Record (EOR).

  • Payroll Administration

Processing payroll is one of the most complex functions your organization handles. You need knowledge of proper procedures and access to a current payroll program. Along with your employees, federal, state, and local tax collection agencies need to be paid in full, on time, in the proper way.

Tax filing errors often result in high penalties. With the often-changing nature of tax regulations, it’s hard to stay current with law changes that affect your bottom line.

Processing paychecks in-house may not be cost-effective. Internal payroll processing requires purchasing a computer and accounting program, along with extensive training on its use. You’ll also need to stay updated on daily changes in personnel, deadlines, and tax requirements.

Payroll becomes even more complicated when it changes with each pay period. If your employees work varying numbers of hours or have significant turnover, you’ll be spending more time and money processing payroll internally. If you pay payroll taxes in multiple states, your costs increase even more.  

  • Outsourcing to IES

When choosing IES as your EOR, we assume all administrative responsibilities and liability for your contingent workers through every step of the payroll process. We tailor our services to your needs, lower your overhead costs, and free you from the burdens of complex payroll management. You’ll increase your revenue, reduce your risk, and reclaim valuable time by outsourcing your payroll to us.

  • HR Administration

Staying compliant with often-changing employment and labor laws is a time-consuming process. Expensive lawsuits may result due to violations of regulations you may not even know about.

Having a fully functional HR department requires additional office space and highly trained staff. You’re responsible for providing those professionals with salaries and benefits that increase your company’s costs. 

  • Outsourcing to IES

When choosing IES as your EOR, we reduce the time, cost, and risk involved with the hiring and employment process through our HR administration services. Our comprehensive range of services includes managing employee benefits, ACA compliance, and more. You’ll free up time, reduce risks, and increase your revenue by outsourcing your HR duties to us.

Enjoy peace of mind by taking us on as your EOR. Reach out to the helpful staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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