Much has been made about U.S. workers putting off their retirement plans and staying in the job market longer. To accommodate this demographic, a company's human resources administration must develop specific policies and programs to bring them into the fold.

However, such rules are no different when it comes to another group of individuals flooding the workforce – millennials. Hiring millennials as permanent or contract workers may require employers to adjust their interviewing process.

"Most hiring managers are now well versed in recruiting millennials, but many firms still make avoidable mistakes" Reuters reports. "Most gaffes involve outdated hiring practices that alienate Gen Y."

One item that's exceedingly important to young workers is finding a company with a dynamic culture. As a result, interviewers should seek to communicate what type of vibe an environment has, such as youthful, innovative or serious.

Once a position has been filled, employers will want to continue to maintain connections with new hires, bringing them into the fold and delivering on how they represented their company.

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