As a recruiter, you can often tell by reading a candidate’s resume whether you’ll recommend them to your hiring manager. As long as the candidate is professional who seems to fit in with the culture and has the skill set you are looking for they’ll most likely move forward in the hiring process. However, it’s up to the candidate to show you they’ve got the skills, experience and potential to be placed at a company before you help make that final determination. 

  • Preparation for the Interview

A candidate’s level of preparation before their interview should determine whether they move on in your placement process. An interviewee who arrives early, answers your questions thoroughly, and demonstrates skills and experience related to the job opening clarifies why they are the best person for a position. They are more likely to show up early for work, complete tasks to the best of their ability, and substantially benefit your client company. Because they clearly respect your time and the opportunity being presented, they will most likely do the same for your client company. 

  • Education on the Company

Part of a candidate being prepared for your initial interview means they have a strong understanding of what, how and why your client company does what it does. This information can be easily researched online and written down as a way of committing it to memory.

  • Knowledge of the Job Description

A prepared candidate also understands the requirements outlined in the job description. They’ll be able to convey clear examples of how he benefitted other businesses facing situations similar to ones your client company may be facing. For example, the interviewee may have found ways to save previous employers time and money by altering processes or creating new systems. Because they put in the effort for making positive changes in previous positions, they’ll most likely do the same for your client company. 

  • Expectation of Types of Interview Questions

If your candidate is adequately prepared, they will expect and be able to answer certain types of questions. For example, they’ll be able to clarify why they’re seeking a new position, what interests them most about the job, and what their wage or salary requirements are. This will help you better determine whether they’re a strong match for your client company, saving time and money in the long run.

When interviewing candidates, seek out the ones who are prepared to answer your questions. They will most likely put in extra effort at work and greatly benefit your client company. For help with your additional recruiting needs, reach out to the industry experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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