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3 characteristics to look for in job candidates

Posted on February 13th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Many businesses were hit hard by the economic recession, and had to cope with its effects by limiting hiring and spending on talent management. However, as the recovery has led to a business uptick for companies of all sizes, HR administration professionals and company leaders should consider investing in employees who can get lead organizations to success, even during troublesome economic periods. Here are some qualities to look for when seeking new talent.

Employees who are eager to learn are vital assets, states an article for Entrepreneur magazine, as these workers are focused on professional development and are simply not satisfied by only understanding and overseeing the responsibilities assigned to them. 

“This type of attitude is something that can rub off on other employees and perhaps inspire them to further their education in some way,” the magazine explains.

Even top performers can be difficult to work with if they have a sour attitude, which can negatively impact workplace collaboration. It’s important to seek out candidates who are flexible and enthusiastic. These people tend to make great team players and can improve overall company culture, Houston Chronicle’s Small Business explains.

The ability to teach others
While leaders play an important role in any business setting, employees who can mentor others are just as valuable. Workers who want to share their knowledge and help others improve their skills are seen as assets by their employers.

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