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Staffing industry can benefit from the cloud

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

Denise Doll-Kiefer of finance, accounting and HR staffing services company Salo wanted to find a way to integrate financial information with technology, Staffing Talk reports.

By hiring an IT outsourcing and cloud services provider, the company was able to transfer all of its information onto a single, secure computer network, vastly improving efficiency.

Doll-Kiefer explained to the news source that the firm now has a web-based tracking system that keeps it connected to consultants who go to multiple offices. It also built employee portals that allow workers to forgo commuting to the office if need be, and a web-based sales application lets new workers fill out information virtually.

"That touches HR – background checks, payrolling, drug testing, 401K – all done virtually," she told the media outlet.

She added that converting to the cloud puts people back to work "doing what they are really good at," rather then having employees provide back office support in an area they aren't familiar with.

Staffing Industry Analysts points out that another form of technology – mobile proficiency – is emerging as the next wave of contract worker positions.

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