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AI and Humans: Not a Competition, But a Collaboration

Posted on March 18th, 2024 Read time: 1 minutes

human hand touching fingers with robotic hand with a graphic of AI symbols on dark black and blue background

The impact of AI on business and its potential for displacing jobs has been perpetrating a new cycle of fear, similar to the one experienced in the ’80s when advances in robotics left workers believing that their days were numbered. While some “technological unemployment” did occur and will likely occur again with AI, it would be a mistake to view the current environment through a lens of AI vs. human. It’s not a matter of competition. Instead, think of it more in the vein of human-AI collaboration.


Read the full guest-contributed article on Human Resource Executive for 4 steps to ensure your team has the skills and mindset necessary to utilize AI tools effectively.


Guest-contributed article written by: Maria Goyer, Chief Innovation Officer at IES

Maria Goyer is the Chief Innovation Officer of Innovative Employee Solutions (IES), a leading provider of remote and contingent workforce solutions specializing in U.S. and Global Employer of Record, Agent of Record, and Independent Contractor compliance services in 150+ countries. Founded in 1974, IES is a woman-owned business, certified by the WBENC, and partners with companies to provide compliant employment solutions that empower people’s lives.

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