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The Workforce Belongs to Millennial Employees — Here’s How to Keep Them Engaged

Posted on November 1st, 2022 Read time: 1 minutes

Millennials sitting around a laptop smiling and laughing

“I quit” are two words that could describe the mood of the workforce for the last few years. These words have been literally (or figuratively) uttered by many employees across industries and are dreaded by employers. Most people have not realized that many have or will tender their resignations over the next several years. That’s because they are the largest generation in the U.S. force, making up more than one-third of the workforce, according to Pew Research Center. By the end of 2025, they will make up 75% of the global workforce.

Millennials — like many other workers — are taking advantage of the employee-friendly job market and making changes all over the country. So, if you are not keeping millennial expectations in mind when creating your , you will alienate most of the talent in the current and future job market.


Read the full article in for a 3 simple ways to keep your millennial employees engaged.


Guest-contributed article written by: Kara Hertzog, President at IES

Kara Hertzog is president of Innovative Employee Solutions (IES), a leading global employer of record in more than 150 countries that specializes in payrolling and contractor management services for today’s contingent workforce. Founded in 1974 in San Diego, IES has grown into one of the city’s largest women-owned businesses and has been named one of its “Best Places to Work” for 10 years in a row.

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