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Three Reasons More Companies Are Turning to Staffing Agencies

Posted on June 3rd, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

As a small business owner, you need qualified workers at a reasonable price. Your best solution is going through a staffing agency. Here are some reasons why.

  • Save Money

Advertising on a job board, in a classified ad, or on TV or radio is expensive. Chances are you won’t get many qualified applicants for the position. If you do, it’s possible your new hire will leave in a few months, and you’ll have to repeat the process again.

Staffing companies take care of all that for you. They’re always in hiring mode, either for you or for someone else. When you need contingent workers, staffing agencies utilize their massive data bases, job board subscriptions, ongoing advertising campaigns, and reputation in the community to fill all your hiring needs. You save money by hiring the right candidate the first time, investing in onboarding and training, and adding long-term value to your bottom line. In addition, if your business is seasonal and you need to lay off workers occasionally, you’ll save on unemployment costs and minimize the effect on your full-time workers.

  • Save Time

If you’re hiring workers directly, you have to spend time reviewing resumes to find the candidates you want to interview. After conducting the interviews, you have to perform background and reference checks, then complete drug testing and onboarding. There’s no guarantee your new hire won’t quit within weeks. Then you have to repeat the process and find another candidate for the position. There’s no telling how long this cycle will last.

Staffing agencies handle all this for you. Because they’re trained professionals, they can read people and help determine who’s most qualified for a position. They may have used a worker on a similar assignment and know they’d fit in well with your organization. Staffing agencies have established systems in place designed to efficiently find the most skilled candidate for the job in a faster, less- expensive way.

  • Reduce Risk

You want as safe an environment as possible for your workers. Unfortunately, the odds of an employee getting injured drastically increase when starting a new job and learning new processes.

By utilizing a staffing agency, if a contingent worker gets injured in the first 90 days, the employee is covered by the firm’s workers’ compensation insurance. This doesn’t just protect you from risk; it also shows the agency won’t send just anyone to fill an order. Since staffing agencies want to keep their workers’ compensation costs down, they carefully screen any candidates sent your way.

Find peace of mind by working with a staffing agency today. For additional assistance growing your bottom line, reach out to the experts professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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