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Recruiter skills influence quality of hires, study finds

Posted on June 14th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Of those companies who quantify the quality of their hires, 59 percent say that the skills of the recruiter have a great impact on that measurement, according to a new study by Hudson RPO and HRO Today Institute. Human resources administration professionals should take note.

Using a recruiting firm can lead to better hires, whether they are permanent or temporary workers. The quality of new new employees was also reported to be influenced by the recruitment preparation process, which an outside service also take over for a company.

Hiring new employees who are well equipped to perform their roles is crucial to a business' success. Any measure that can be used to increase the quality of new employees should be taken, and this study provides direction for companies looking to take such steps. It indicates that both the recruiter and the recruiting process are essential elements companies should consider when looking to hire new talent. To increase the probability of getting excellent new workers, organizations might consider using an outside firm for the recruiting process, particularly if new employees will be temporary or contract workers.

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