Temporary employees occupy a vital role the economy by helping businesses achieve specific goals and grow in a sustainable way. In a recent statement, ManpowerGroup announced contract worker employment boosts both short- and long-term employment.

“Hiring talent on a temporary basis enables companies to assess and align the increasingly broad range of modern skills – and even discover new ones – that will give them a competitive edge in their industry,” said Jeffrey A. Joerres, CEO of the ManpowerGroup.

Employed workers, in turn, increase consumer spending and improve the housing market, Joerres added. These employees strengthen business strategies and often lead to more job creation.

“The science of harnessing cutting edge skills to drive business success is only starting to be realized by today’s most progressive companies,” Joerres said.

Forbes notes the portion of contract employees that make up the workforce is growing for several reasons. For one, healthcare reform is leading some companies to choose temporary workers to avoid mounting coverage costs. Meanwhile, the service industry, a sector that favors part-time and temporary contracts, is becoming the center of the U.S. economy. In addition, an increasing amount of workers are choosing to freelance to maximize experiences and maintain independence. 

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