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Handling the disgruntled employee

Posted on October 19th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

One of the roles of HR administration is to quell conflict. Sometimes, this involves dealing with an angry employee venting his or her frustrations. An administrator can take action to mend this damaged relationship, lose the person's employment or keep him or her on the payroll.

Humetrics suggests certain steps HR can take to resolve the issue. The process begins by thanking the employee for the feedback and letting him or her know that the situation is important. The employee should also be empathized with in order to feel justified.

An administrator should then ask for details as to why the person is upset and provide an honest apology.

The worker's goal in voicing displeasure is to find out what exactly is going to be done about the issue. This is what the employee will remember the most, and is an important step to winning back that person's trust. It's also in HR's best interests to follow up to ensure the worker is satisfied with the solution.

The news source notes in a separate article that if a disgruntled employee does leave, HR should determine if the tasks performed by this person can be done by others in the organization before making a new hire.  

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