Live Mint recently interviewed Anthony Abbatiello of Accenture, a management and consulting company, about the top trends in HR. Among his comments were those regarding what he calls the extended workforce. Companies are beginning to structure their workers in tiers. The top tier is a full-time employee that is hired on a regular basis. The second tier employee is a supplier for various initiatives such as IT – in other words, an HR outsourcing services company would be a second tier employee used to outsource difficult HR work like government compliance papers. A third tier has also begun to develop, according to Abbatiello, of entities that provide support as seasonal workers and temporary workers. In other words, this last tier is a group that can expand or contract with the help of a temporary services company providing labor when it is needed and then adjusting instantly when demand is no longer so great.

Related to this is the upcoming jobs report, which has already begun to cause markets to grow edgy, waiting to see what the future will bring.  According to Forbes, analysts predict the job report, due Friday, will bring good news that will confirm the continuing progress of the U.S. economic recovery.

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