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Higher minimum wages mean greater hiring

Posted on July 25th, 2014 Read time: 2 minutes

According to The Oakland Press, states that have raised their minimum wages have also seen an increase in hiring. This goes against many fears that companies would stop hiring once wages became too expensive to bear the brunt of additional workers. It is possible some companies are turning to less conventional means of hiring, such as employers of record or other staffing firms. By this means, companies can hire temporary workers to get jobs done in such a way that it becomes very easy to pay the appropriate and fair amount of money to a worker while still avoiding the additional hassle of extra paperwork that comes along with the human resources side of having permanent workers.

Another way to avoid the problems associated with higher wages and increased regulatory compliance matters is simply to outsource human resources completely through HR back office companies.

Temporary jobs can benefit not only employers. Employees also have the benefit of good work with better pay than before. While these temporary jobs might initially seem to be harmful for young employees that want to work full-time, many people believe that a continuous learning process will actually benefit workers in the long run.

Learning on the job by being a temp
In a recent survey by Robert Half, a technology staffing firm, it was found that half of CIOs believe the best way for someone newly graduated to continue advancing his or her career is to continue to learn new skills.

A great way to learn new skills is to become a temporary worker. By becoming temps, employees are constantly put in new situations where their skill sets are put to the test in real life situations, and they must also learn on the job and advance their knowledge base – not only in terms of technology but also through learning about new work cultures and dealing with different kinds of bosses and co-workers.

Being a temp, in other words, can be a great way to gain new skills and sharpen old ones.

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