Employee confidence has hit a five-month high, according to Randstad's U.S. Employee Confidence Index. It rose by 1.5 points in January to a reading of 56.7, which is the highest it's been in five months. The last time it was that high was in August of last year when it was 58.0.

The index measures worker confidence in terms of employment security and the economy

"Worker confidence appears to be gaining momentum as we head into the New Year, which mirrors other U.S. confidence measures recently published," said Jim Link, chief HR officer, Randstad North America.

Link adds that nearly a third of American workers feel confident about the economy, which is a dramatic increase from a recent low of 20 percent in October during the government shutdown.

This confidence in the economy bodes well for HR companies. Gretchen Alarcon, VP for Human Capital Management Strategy, writes in Forbes that the increasingly pressing question for HR is not how to get the customer to choose the company for repeat business, but how to get the employee to chose the company for working long term. Alarcon recommends building a strong culture and emphasizing a vision of the future.

One way to help actualize HR goals is by eliminating all the paperwork that gets in the way of doing business. Hiring a back office support company is one way of doing this.

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