The economic recession and continuing market volatility has created an employment environment resembling a revolving door, as businesses are hiring and releasing permanent and contract workers to keep their budgets tight and revenues steady.

In a recent article for CIO Magazine, Michael Hugos suggests that a company looking to pump some much needed life into their operations may want to advise its human resources administration to research the structure and dynamics of multi-player online role playing games.

According to Hugos, the games center around the formation of corporation or guilds in which players must find skilled and experienced participants to help them complete missions and boost their collective reputations.

Hugo argues that this world isn't too different from its real world equivalent. "Companies hire people with desirable skill sets who have the experience they want for particular projects," he writes. "There is not much difference between full-time employees and contract employees anymore."

Employers in the U.K. have certainly seemed to embrace the use of flexible staff. According to Personnel Today, a recent survey from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation found 83 percent of employers expect to increase their use of temporary workers over the next 12 months.

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